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Where We Started & Where We Are Now!


Toy Fox Terrier - CH Foxlair's Minnie the MoocherI became involved in Toy Fox Terriers in 1991 when I bought my first pet from a breeder in Ohio. My first dog show was in 1993 and Lady Jane was bred when she finished her UKC Grand Championship. Between 1995 and 2003, thirteen Foxlair dogs finished in the UKC Top Ten, including two #1 dogs and a National Grand Champion. Two of my males were also productive enough to win UKC Toy Fox Terrier Sire of the Year


I am past president of the United Kennel Club National Toy Fox Terrier Association. My other qualifications include AKC Breeder of Merit and membership in both The National Toy Fox Terrier Association and am currently serving as a board member on the AKC American Toy Fox Terrier Club.


I began judging UKC dog shows in 2003 and since then, most of our laurels have rested on the get and grand get of these fine dogs. As I now judge about two weekends a month, my time for exhibiting has been extremely limited. My joy is now to watch dogs I have produced be shown to wins by their proud owners.


Show dogs are NOT the primary concern here at Foxlair. My preference is for pet homes where the dogs get all the love and attention a family member deserves. All of my breeding dogs are tested for anything that can be genetically transmitted to puppies to ensure that the pups from Foxlair have long, happy, healthy lives. Some feel that a pedigreed Toy Fox Terrier is too expensive. To those people, I say “You pay $25,000+ for a car that you utilize an average of 2 hours a day for five years. How much more valuable is unconditional love 24/7 for up to 18 years?” Both your car and your dog require proper maintenance to maintain their condition for a long life. My goal and my favorite saying are: “Show quality dogs for quality pet homes.” My greatest delight is receiving emails and pictures from my owners updating the dog’s activities and growth. My family of owners has grown immensely since I started breeding TFTs and many stay in touch with each other as well.


Why, you might ask, buy a Toy Fox Terrier? TFTs are clowns who will make you laugh till tears run down your cheeks. They are an empathetic little breed that seems to know your mood and your activities even before you know yourself. They know when to snuggle and when to clown and you can almost watch their minds work as they try to puzzle out the answer to some new challenge. Beware!! This breed can manipulate their owners and will soon have you wrapped around their little docked tails. When they cock their heads to one side, with ears pointed straight up and love in their eyes, it can be very hard to correct them.


Any dog, no matter how large or small, needs a pack leader and that must be the owner. If you feel you qualify for years of pack leadership combined with unconditional love, a wash n wear Toy Fox Terrier is the dog for you.




Foxlair sits on of an acre in Western West Virginia. My dogs have free run of my house when I am at home. Puppies are born in my bedroom and stay in the master bath with their dams until their eyes are open. Once they begin to become mobile, the puppies move to an ex-pen in a sunny room with windows from ceiling to floor. They are handled frequently and by all who visit. With two dog doors and the entire yard being fenced, my puppies over 3 months old have the run of the yard from dawn till dusk. The hillside provides excellent exercise in their frequent games of chase.


UKC Registered DogsAKC Breeder of Merit

Violet W. Denney

Providing Show Quality Toy Fox Terriers to Quality Pet Homes